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Project Beefcake

Nothing leaves our workshop until we're completely satisfied with it. This means rigorous testing, and in the case of our Proof of Concept  frame for our CFRP Wrapping this meant putting it through one of the toughest races a Fixed Gear bike can endure.

The Proof of Concept, or "Project Beefcake" as it came to be known, was flown out to the final round of the 2018 Red Hook Crit series in Milan to be ridden by our resident Fixed Gear crit racer Sam, and the results speak for themselves. Sam qualified straight through into the main final in slick conditions, and rode out of his skin in the final to take a strong 44th starting from well back in 76th on the grid (4th fastest Brit, and fastest unattached athlete).

On top of the aluminium frame Sam's been racing for the past 2 years, we bonded and built up 5 layers of 198gsm Carbon Fibre twill along the chainstays. This preserves the exact ride characteristics of the original frameset, but once properly cured creates an effective "second chainstay" around the original that drastically increases the rear end stiffness which is key to confident braking and strong accelerations required in Fixed Gear Crits.

"This is the first time I've been able to take places coming out of corners. As more of a pure endurance guy I usually struggle with that kick and sometimes have to rely on taking some sketchier lines into turns to try and keep as much speed for the exit to avoid having to sprint out, but this setup launches like nothing else I've ridden", Sam commented.

"Last year in the qualifying  I remember I lost a bunch of spots in the sprint out of the final turn to the line, but this time around in the final I think I took 3 or 4 places just in that 150m run. I've been doing the exact same training as last year and the only thing that's changed since then is that frame wrapping".

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