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Project Beefcake

After a successful outing at Red Hook Milan followed by a winter of training on grity UK roads, by the beginning of the 2019 season Beefcake was starting to need a facelift. Chips and gouges in the laquer from rough baggage handlers to and from Milan and the occasional not-so-attentive lean outside a cafe meant that a simple spit and polish was out of the question.

The new paintscheme was based around Sams new team for the 2019 season onwards, the London based Team One Life Cycle, with the brief of keeping it simple and sticking to the Team colours of yellow and black.

We also took the oppurtunity to make a few upgrades to the build, with Izumi Super Toughness chain, Vittoria Corsa and then latterly Continental GP5000 tyres on latex tubes, and a change of saddle back to an old favourite the Bontrager Affinity RL.

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